Norman "Dugie" Russell
Yard & Garden

This garden and surrounding grounds were once a
pitiful sight with hardly a blade of grass and no
flowers.  After years of back breaking work, Marie and
I converted this dismal plot into an award winning
dream scape.

Upon entering this captivating plot, you are greeted
with a schooner riding high on a sea of Zebra Grass.  
From here, your visions of grandeur open to a potting
shed surrounded by a beautiful display of hosta and
two Japanese Maples.  A Green Japanese Maple is the
center piece of the grounds.  It too, is surrounded by
an assortment of perennials and English Boxwood.
You then descend a stone walkway to a path along the
brook leading into a secluded hosta sanctuary called
woodland.  The temperature here is a relaxing ten to
fifteen degrees cooler on a hot summer day.

Upon leaving woodland you enter the vegetable
garden.  A small shed on your right holds tools, books
and an array of garden helpers.  A lean to is next, with
bales of salt marsh hay and soft music, a relaxing
place to sit and admire the garden on a sunny or rainy
day.   A vine of thornless blackberries reaches in every
direction, shading the potting area for a comfortable
place to work out of the sun.  There are two compost
bins. The rest of the garden is bordered by a seasonal
display of perennials, changing colors from spring to

Stepping out of the garden there are sitting areas of
cobblestone and brick separated by a collection of
grasses.  The main patio is surrounded by Hydrangeas
with a table and umbrella for dining . Another cobble
stone sitting area rests between six  spruce trees
offering a relaxing view of the yard and the woods
beyond.   Come, have a seat.

Dugie & Marie Russell
Around the Yard
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Sitting Areas
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